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Sacramento, CA 95827

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Serving California for over 25 years

Sierra Oak Insurance Service is a family owned brokerage with over 25 years of servicing individual, family and business needs throughout California.  Our objective is to offer you, our client “peace of mind” knowing that your portfolio of personal and business needs is handled efficiently and with expertise.


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Meet Our Family

Daniel Brock
Daniel Brock


Dora Brock
Dora Brock

Vice President

Alicia Jimenez
Alicia Jimenez

Sr. Account Manager

Josh Brock
Josh Brock

Commercial & Personal Sales Broker



I’m extremely confident with my policy that I have with Sierra Oak. They recommend strong coverage options and make sure that I always have what I need. They constantly keep me informed of new coverage offers and discounts, and they’re also always willing to shop around for better rates. I feel very safe with them and I know that I’m paying for what I truly need and nothing more.

Christina Moore

They always respond quickly, whether it be through email or phone. Upon signing up they gave me a contact list of who’s in charge of what policy so I could save time by contacting them directly. If they don’t know an answer to a question, they’ll find out and get back to me within the day. Great customer service!

Katie Deither

The thing I enjoy most about Sierra Oak is all the people are so easy to talk to! They keep me informed by educating me about different coverage options, terms, and discounts. I use them for my company and when we have an audit, they explain all the reports in an easy to understand way, and also send me anything I need. They’re always right on top of things and never miss a beat.

Cheryl Bridgewater

They know you when you call they know about you, direct contact feel like a person and not another number. I am confident in what they offer, they keep me informed and keep shopping for better rates…the people easy to talk to, they educate me on terms and we have an audit and explain reports and send me anything I need.

Carla Neiswender, Saputo Construction

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