Tow Truck Insurance

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With the necessity of travel increasing and more vehicles on the road, Car accidents and other car issues have surged, resulting in a greater demand for towing services and roadside assistance.  Operating Tow Trucks comes with inherent risks, as these vehicles are often working roadside shoulders during dangerous or inclement conditions.  While tow truck insurance won’t make the job less hazardous it can provide California operators with financial protection when something does go wrong.  We have been insuring towing operations for 30 years and currently work with the majority of insurance carriers in the state that write tow truck insurance. 

Coverages include

  • General liability 
  • Auto liability 
  • Physical Damage
  • On Hook/Cargo
  • Garagekeepers
  • Excess Liability

Who is Tow Truck Insurance for?

Towing Insurance can be a very broad industry and with many hazards. Any of the following should have Tow Truck Insurance 

  • Independent Owner-Operators 
  • Businesses with Fleets of Wreckers and Carriers
  • Auto repair shops that have a wrecker
  • Gas stations that have a wrecker
  • Repo Businesses

What does tow Truck Insurance Cost?

Due to the High hazard nature of the industry towing can be very costly.  In order to mitigate that cost we shop all accounts to all the insurance carriers we are appointed with to be sure that we are providing the very best deal available.  We are also constantly seeking out new insurance markets for the industry.  Give the specialist at Sierra Oak Insurance a call for a customized quote for your towing business.