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EEAP The Safety People

Working together with EEAP The Safety People we are now providing you with this valuable safety resource just for being a Sierra Oak Insurance Services client.

Once you have created your account, you will have access to hundreds of safety lesson topics in English and Spanish. You can even have lessons customized or created for your specific needs. You will also have access to a library of safety webinars. You’ll receive email invitations to Live safety webinars where you can have your questions answered by safety experts. You will also have access to safety posters which you can download for free along with various safety forms that may be helpful to you.

Additional free services include Cal/OSHA citation defense, onetime onsite safety evaluation, and free telephone consultation during regular business hours.

In addition to all of the FREE SAFETY RESOURCES, we have pre-negotiated discounted pricing for you on optional upgrades that you may choose to purchase should you have a need for them.

Optional upgrades include customized written safety program documentation, full access GotSafety mobile app upgrade, and ongoing onsite safety services which include bilingual instructor led safety lessons, and jobsite safety inspections.

We’re confident that this will be an invaluable resource to you and hope that you utilize all that it has to offer.

Thank you for being a valued Sierra Oak Insurance Services client.

If you are our insured and interested in getting access, or if you are not our insured and would like to hear about our services and the insurance companies we write through, please contact us at 916-364-7380.

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I’m extremely confident with my policy that I have with Sierra Oak. They recommend strong coverage options and make sure that I always have what I need. They constantly keep me informed of new coverage offers and discounts, and they’re also always willing to shop around for better rates. I feel very safe with them and I know that I’m paying for what I truly need and nothing more.

Christina Moore
They always respond quickly, whether it be through email or phone. Upon signing up they gave me a contact list of who’s in charge of what policy so I could save time by contacting them directly. If they don’t know an answer to a question, they’ll find out and get back to me within the day. Great customer service!

Katie Deither
The thing I enjoy most about Sierra Oak is all the people are so easy to talk to! They keep me informed by educating me about different coverage options, terms, and discounts. I use them for my company and when we have an audit, they explain all the reports in an easy to understand way, and also send me anything I need. They’re always right on top of things and never miss a beat.

Cheryl Bridgewater
They know you when you call they know about you, direct contact feel like a person and not another number. I am confident in what they offer, they keep me informed and keep shopping for better rates…the people easy to talk to, they educate me on terms and we have an audit and explain reports and send me anything I need.

Carla Neiswender, Saputo Construction