Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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Many employers mistakenly believe that this coverage is the same as Workers Compensation, but workers compensation specifically excludes these types of lawsuits.  

EPLI covers businesses against lawsuits by employees that believe their legal rights have been violated. EPLI claims impact businesses of every size in every industry especially in California.  Small or new business are often the most vulnerable to EPLI losses because they lack a human resources or legal department. These claims can disrupt business, hurt employee morale, damage reputations and cost the business financially.

What does Employment Practices Liability Insurance cover?

EPLI provides protection against 

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination 
  • Breach of Employment Contract
  • Negligent evaluation 
  • Failure to employ or Promote
  • Wrongful Discipline
  • Deprivation of career Opportunity 
  • Wrongful Infliction of Emotional Distress
  • Mismanagement of Employee benefits
  • Wage an hour

What does Employment Practices Liability Insurance Cost

The cost of EPLI can widely vary depending on the number of employees, provider, industry, location, limits, and coverage but for the most part it is extremely reasonable in terms of cost and can be as little as 70 dollars a month.